Killing Hackers | PUBG MOBILE

Killing Hackers | PUBG MOBILE

In this video I’m gonna react on some PUBG Mobile players moments in which they were able to hunt cheaters inside the classic mode.
The video overall stuff done by hard work & it took several weeks to gather & edit these scenes so consider Subscribing!
These clutch were done by Levinho (2x), Athena, Mortal, Regaltos, Ruppo ,GtxPreet, & Mok.

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* Mok VS Hackers/Cheaters
* Regaltos VS Hackers/Cheaters
* Mortal kills Hackers/Cheaters
* Athena kills Hackers/Cheaters
* Levinho kills Hackers/Cheaters
* GtxPreet kills Hackers/Cheaters
* Ruppo kills Hackers/Cheaters
* Mok kills Hackers/Cheaters
* Regaltos kills Hackers/Cheaters


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  1. braveheart the commentor

    Wether they play emulator on pc have adjusted camera and sensitivity using a hack or its just the ai and bot programme there all as bad as eachother and they are all game killers running a mobile game on pc and making it look competetive against somebody on mobile is ridiculous or turning every gun into a laser in setting killing gun dynamics then on top of that ai and op bots picking on whayever player doesn't fit into its credentials every single one of them wants the easy way making gamaing a load of garbage

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