NOVA PARABOY Godly Moments (Hacker Or A Better Player?) |PUBG MOBILE|

NOVA PARABOY Godly Moments (Hacker Or A Better Player?) |PUBG MOBILE|

Do you enjoy while watching video hope you like this gameplay and motive you to play more and learn something new and win a match with your squad.(◕◡◕)/
★ NV-XQF Paraboy Known to be the number 1 best pubg player in the world.NV-XFQ Paraboy (
PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2019,2021 Winner, the Record holder for Highest damage in any PUBG Mobile Official Tournament) Also, hold the highest kills record in the tournaments.
★ Player Information:
★ Platform: Mobile
★ Kd Ratio =8+
★ Aim Assist-Off
★ Controls 4 Claw in TPP /3 Claw in FPP
★ Gyro-Always on
★ Character- Id 459812745
★ Device Name-oppo reno 6 pro
★ Headphone- Razer Hammerhead Pro v2 Earbuds
★ Name:朱伯丞
★ Romanized Name: Zhu Bocheng
★Birthday:24 March2002
★ Country: China China
★ Status: Active
★ Team:Nova Esports/China
★ Approx. Total Earnings:$147,448.98
★ Alternate IDs:伞兵
★ Real Name- Zhu Bocheng
⚡️NV-XQF PARABOY Lives Stream
Before judge, the player judge enemy first because anyone with little skill can kill 20+ in the noob lobby
Outro Track [NCS Release] YouTube
♫Cartoon – On & On (feat. Daniel Levi) [NCS Release]

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48 thoughts on “NOVA PARABOY Godly Moments (Hacker Or A Better Player?) |PUBG MOBILE|”

  1. HünTëR PÅüL

    you chinese players are lucky to have such a stable experience while gaming in androids but in pubgM global its glitchy/buggy/dsinc bullet registry/overheat/lag when enemy incoming/even some spectate glitch in tournaments…this is such a partiality to your side….nd if someone can understand this coment im not talking abut low end devices this all takes place in highend flagships except iphones.only nd only…..tencent a chinese production is so clever in these things if we dont provide a stable apk to global how are players suppose to beat chinese when they face literally nothing wt global players faces wao…..great keep on clutching bro…no hate to you paraboy…but if we only had equality in same game in hand you weren't to be recognized….

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