"Secret" RANGEFINDER in PUBG Mobile - Know HOW FAR AWAY Any Enemy Is - Not a Hack

"Secret" RANGEFINDER in PUBG Mobile – Know HOW FAR AWAY Any Enemy Is – Not a Hack

Ever wonder how far away a vehicle, building, or enemy player is in PUBG Mobile? Thanks to a cool feature built right into the game, you can know the EXACT DISTANCE (to the nearest meter) to whatever you are interested in (up to 800m away). This technique is NOT a hack or glitch, and even works with a scope, which makes it super useful for sniping. In combination with knowledge of bullet velocity it’s possible to figure out how much you need to lead a target, or how long the bullet will take to reach your target. Definitely more of an advanced technique video, however, hopefully everyone finds it useful regardless!

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50 thoughts on “"Secret" RANGEFINDER in PUBG Mobile – Know HOW FAR AWAY Any Enemy Is – Not a Hack”

  1. Lol we use it Everytime since the update came. There is another one
    I got supplies
    Point at it and it'll show u where it is
    And gather around marker too is another great way to know where to be together

  2. definitely a great tip that will alleviate so much confusion when trying to convey enemy locations to your team.

    just the other day, I had trouble helping my teammate locate enemies I had spotted on a roof in Rozhok. We were in 2 different spots in the city, but not terribly far to skew compass headings. I told him they were on the second story and roof of a 2 story red building out "125" (exact number isn't relevant). The problem is that he saw a 2 story red building with roof access in that direction…however, it was blocking the actual building I was looking at.

    had we known about the "enemies ahead" feature, we wouldn't have been confusing each other for what felt like half a game (not really).

    thanks for the head's up!

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