This is why COFFIN was probably BANNED in PUBG MOBILE

This is why COFFIN was probably BANNED in PUBG MOBILE

This is why COFFIN was probably BANNED in PUBG MOBILE

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31 thoughts on “This is why COFFIN was probably BANNED in PUBG MOBILE”

  1. Lets say if's he a not cheater. But why He dont play tournament with pro player. Show his skill to competitive tournament.

    You All should looks BTR Zuxxy he a streamer and pro player in PMPL. But he dont cheat likes other streamer.

  2. Nah he was probably cheating or he got caught teaming up with a cheater. IMO what happens when you get reported is that the so called "GM" flags you as suspicious and then the game monitors your client and reads your game memory to see if you modified it in any way before being reviewed, then the decision is made based on all of these.

  3. nah man it would take a lot of resources just to review every report manually. its jst not worth the time. yes there may be some wrong reports like this and people get banned even after not cheating but that's ok. if u r playing a game always be ready to have some hackers in the game and its not like u get hacker in every 2-3 games.

  4. Deathgod Strapped

    i never cheated . but i got ban i was trying hard to sqaud wipe and i got ban when i got rpass and missed out on it for me being a try hard and never got any compisation for the pass and basically lost $10 to pubg

  5. Leonard Radrodro

    Hey Rolexxx!
    I’m a big fan all the way from Fiji and absolutely love your videos. I was wondering if I could get abit of advice from you or maybe get your help, I’ve recently lost my account – its been banned for 10 years and I’m really upset about it because I didn’t use any hacks or cheats, I did however invest quiet alotta time and money into the account. Tried contacting the team at PUBG, but all I’ve been getting are automated responses or zero replies.
    Hopefully I’m able to maybe get some help from you on this.

  6. Also people complain about being lazer 200m with M7 it’s called practice.. go to Training grounds 😆 Like I can Lazer 300m with M7 I don’t though because it would draw a lot of unnecessary attention

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